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    92% of ANY Online trades and 85% of cash-equity trades are executed by algorithms without any human input.

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    Shape your Future in Bitcoin Trading with BITCOIN ERA™

    Thousands of people have already gained financial freedom by trading with Bitcoin Era. For the last three years, we have helped countless people earn life-changing money trading bitcoin. The best thing is that our system is super easy to use for all. BITCOIN ERA will help you bring out the best potential of yourself, and polish your bitcoin trading and operations. The thrust that drives BITCOIN ERA is to help the traders reach the peaks they are meant to achieve. Gain the financial freedom you always wanted, climb out of the cage, and spread your wings large with us. See the change in your life and enhance your caliber as you sail with us. The ace of the game with BITCOIN ERA is that we offer you the most effortless and user-friendly trading interface. You can attach BITCOIN ERA with synonyms like practical, feasible, manageable, and handy.

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    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    Passively Profit With BITCOIN ERA™ In 5 Easy Steps

    Apply for account

    To open a trading account with us get yourself registered through the form provided at the top of this page. The entire process is easy. We ensure the security of your data. Our top safeguard protections and encryptions keep your trading details, account and transactions safe.

    Upload Documnets

    We require you to verify your documents and the information provided by you is authentic. in order to prevetn and fraudelnt activy we do our best to vet any new accoount within 24 hours.

    Consult your private Manager

    talk to your private account manager for the first time! he or she will help you set up your basic trading startegy based on your finacial limits and goals for the future. this will surely help you optmize your entire bitcoin trading process with BITCOIN ERA

    first Deposit - 250$

    After signup process, you will be redirected to our broker’s page to deposit the charges for the account. Regulated and top financial service providers monitor our entire financial process and transaction. You are just a few dollars away from trading. Deposit the amount and start trading.

    Start earning bitcoin

    We offer the renowned trading platform, tools and indicators to ease your trading journey. Our trading application works for you, even if you are busy. The real-time price shift reaches the mobile or desktop through frequent notifications. Get started with our trading indicator.

    Top currencies to trade With Bitocin Era

    Please be aware that by investing you risk losing money. Terms and conditions apply, refer to brokers site for details.

    The Many Benfits of Trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Era


    100% Automated bitcoin trading

    To ensure that all our users end up making fair returns with us, we only let professional brokers monitor our system. legitimate regulatory authorities regulate our brokers. this makes BITCOIN ERA a fair trading system for its users.

    first class security and protection

    We pay utters attention to our user’s safety and provide them with an infallible system. we take pride in excellent encryption and safeguarding systems. We ardently follow the global data protection rules. BITCOIN ERA lists only well recognised and regulated brokers for its users.

    Economical trading capital

    We let you trade with shallow capital deposits. Bitcoin Era is therefore open to all kinds of traders. the minimum deposit of just 250 dollars is required to facilitate the trade with BITCOIN ERA.

    Best bitcoin brokers in the game

    To ensure that all our users end up making fair returns with us, we only let professional brokers monitor our system. legitimate regulatory authorities regulate our brokers. this makes BITCOIN ERA a fair trading system for its users.

    excellent customer service

    The customer service and support are available 24/7. the customer help desk is at the beck and call of our users. Users can fixate problems, get guidance and advice whenever they want.

    Bitcoin Era Trading System




    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    Country Of Regulation

    UK, Cyprus, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy.
    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    First Deposit Amount

    Bitcoin Era Trading System

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    Bitcoin Era Trading System

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    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    Trading fees class - Low

    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    Automated Robo Trading

    Bitcoin Era Trading System

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    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    Did you Know? 89% of the stock market is now on autopilot controlled only by Trading Bots.

    We offer the demo account for novice traders. This account protects them from unwanted market price shifts and risk.

    Irrespective of experience or an amateur expedition, you can earn thousands per day with our advanced bot trading. Our computer-based Algo trading allows you to react to each market price shift. Thus, it helps you to harvest most out of this emerging market.

    The BTCERA automatic trading is one of the most efficient and accurate, as told by our other clients who are completely satisfied with how the entire bot trading system works. The accuracy is about 98% along with the 99.99% win rate on trade. Due to this reason, many active traders invest a huge amount with us. The robot skillfully handles all the transactions during the trading session without any issues. This makes our platform best in comparison to our competitors.

    Our platform provides real-time information about the current market trends and financial market events. Thus, changes your basis of decision making. Your trading decisions with us depend more on analytical and statistical data rather than on predictions.

    You will get top trading features at an affordable rate with us. The minimum amount to start trading is just a dollar $250 without any extra commission.

    FAQ | Everything you need to know before registering with BITCON ERA™

    Does Bitcoin Era offers a demo account?

    We are a beginner-friendly platform providing demo free trading accounts to neophytes. This account protects them from sudden price shifts in the cryptocurrency market. Here, these neophytes can practice different strategies and risk management techniques before jumping directly into real-world trading.

    Is it possible to make a profit with Bitcoin Era?

    We provide everything you need while making trading decisions. We ensure that the decisions of our clients lie on technical and statistical data rather than on just predictions. It automatically surges the chances of profit. So, if you are lucky and consistent enough, you can expand $250 to $1 million or more.

    How can one get in touch with Bitcoin Era?

    We have an excellent customer support team which works round the clock to assist. In case you face any problem or query, you can fill the contact us form given on the contacts session. The several other ways to contact us are: Telephonic call, email, or you can even visit our office at 9 Appold Street, EC2A 2AP, Munich.

    Do you require expertise before using Bitcoin Era trading platform?

    No, you do not need any expertise to trade with Bitcoin Era. Our trading platform and tools are simple to use. It just requires knowledge and skill to harvest profit.

    Is Bitcoin Era safe?

    It is the most common question asked by many traders. Bitcoin Era is a safe venture and is not part of the Ponzi scheme, please be aware that there are may bitcoin era scams out there.In Contrary the Bitcoin Era Scam, the original software makes use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, and the partner brokers offer to trade on high leverage which ultimately leads to potential profit. So, you can go ahead without any worries.

    How do algorithmic trading works in Bitcoin Era?

    The algorithmic trading or robotic trading is simply a computer instruction set beforehand. The entire trading is carried out by robots which follows these instructions. Bitcoin Era algorithmic trading eases your trading and mitigates the hours you spend looking for crypto market trends and price shifts.

    A Deep Look Into BITCONERA™

    Bitcoin Era Trading System

    What is  BITCOIN ERA?

    BITCOIN ERA is an online platform for new investors to engage in the trade of Bitcoins. It offers traders a wide range of brokers to choose from. The trade is facilitated in an encrypted and user-friendly format. BITCOIN ERA provides the most updated and advanced trading technologies for its users. For new traders and beginners, Bitcoin Era offers a deep-rooted path that can lead to excellent outcomes.

    Process, Explained.

    Bitcoin Era uses its algorithms to facilitate trade through its system. A technique called “scalping” is used for placing trades at a multitude level in a few seconds, and reaping profits from small fluctuations in the market.

    Our traders can bank on small price changes with the massive leverage offered by our regulated brokers. The enormous leverage let all kinds of traders bank on our platform and reach towards their goals. At the same time, BITCOIN ERA expects minimal efforts from its traders or users. After you register, we handle everything for you.

    We take pride in offering the most effortless and quickest bitcoin trade to our users. With our advanced trading mechanisms, we look forward to generating high returns for our users.


    Sign up to BITCOIN ERA and fill in all the required details. This would not take more than five minutes with our easy and handy process of registration. Here, we would like to mention one thing. We have strict verification policies associated with our registration process because we only want a fair community being associated with BITCOIN ERA. One needs to verify the contact details. Then you will be directed towards one of our reputable brokers where you have to verify your address and ID proofs. This is an essential measure taken by all our regulated brokers to facilitate safeguarded and legitimate trade or our users. We also want to ensure that all your data is encrypted and protected in your best interest with Bitcoin Era. We pay utter attention to our confidential policies.


    Now the next step would be to fund your account to facilitate the trade. We offer traders a minimum balance of just 250 dollars. Since we are committed to making everything easy and effortless for our users, after the funding, traders are placed automatically. Yes, you can trade before you complete your verification. But the withdrawal is possible only after you verify all your required documents with us. This is done to ensure that nothing goes wrong for users, and trade is facilitated fairly and soundly. One of the most important things to mention here is that all our brokers are highly reputed and regulated by legitimate regulatory authorities. 


    We provide a free demo account for new traders and beginners to practice the trade before going live in the market. This way, BITCOIN ERA prepares you to your best and learns from your mistakes. Our demo account offers the same tools and indicators as the primary account so that the user gets comfortable with strategies and tools.

    You can also read our manual of instruction to understand the trade and functionalities better. At this stage, BITCOIN ERA provides you with a dedicated account manager to help you through the process and polish your tactics. There is no need to worry if you do not understand anything at one go. You can always consult the account manager or go with our customer support that is readily available to you at any hour of the day.


    Now, this is the most fun step where you can enjoy popcorn or cocktails while trading. Yes! Now is the time you can very conveniently switch to our robot account and see the trade pan out in front of your eyes. You can sit there and see the money-minting happening in your account. During the most optimal trading conditions, BITCOIN ERA tends to spread the reading account into fivefold.

    You can also read our manual of instruction to understand the trade and functionalities better. At this stage, BITCOIN ERA provides you with a dedicated account manager to help you through the process and polish your tactics. There is no need to worry if you do not understand anything at one go. You can always consult the account manager or go with our customer support that is readily available to you at any hour of the day.


    Live Trading happens at a click of a button. You can go about your day as trade takes place in the background. A minimum deposit is all it will take to change everything for you and kick start your voyage of becoming a successful, top-notch trader. 

    BITCOIN ERA™ Review


    Bitcoin Era’s accuracy level and the win rate is excellent. our trading platform attracts many investors and makes our platform suitable for all levels of traders. The advance trading features at the affordable rate add another feather to our trading services. Our real-time indicators provide information for every second to our clients and thus helps them to make potential decisions. If you are neophyte and have fear about the market fluctuations, then you can opt for our online demo account. It will protect you against market risk and will ultimately make your trading effective before you enter the market. Fill the registration form provided above to start trading.

    We are partners with sundry authentic financial service providers who are regulated by the legitimate regulatory authorities. These authorities monitor the activities of these brokers and warn them or cancel their trading licence in case they find them involved in any illegal activity. It is the sole responsibility of these brokers to monitor our financial transactions.

    If you come across any problem while trading or opening a trading account, you can contact our customer support team. They work throughout the day to help you out. You can call us on 020 3213 1386 or email us on [email protected]. If the problem persists; you can visit our head office situated at 9 Appold Street, EC2A 2AP, Munich.

    Interesting Facts About BITCOIN ERA™

    Bitcoin Era has shown burgeoning popularity in recent years. The most interesting turn came with the introduction of an automated trading system in the year 2009. It moved the financial market completely. With the surging popularity, the number of platforms providing trading on these virtual coins surged. When things grow to such extent then comes the major problem that is the fake brokerage firms or illegal activities. The same happened with this market.

    Various fake firms are running across the cryptocurrency market. They aim at stealing the hard-earned money from the trader. Their main target is to wipe out the account of traders.

    This negativity compelled the legitimated firms like BITCOIN ERA to come up for the traders. The main aim of our founder was to establish an authentic and safe firm for the trader where they can trade safely and without any worries. Our founder .. started this venture in the year .. Over time many well-regulated financial service providers become the part of BITCOIN ERA.

    If you have any issues with any of our feature, tool or need to learn about our fundamentals, then drop your queries, inquires and suggestions through the form below.