4 Important Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2021

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Bitcoin is hitting an all-time high of about 300% from its lows. Bitcoin has crossed $19,800 at the end of November 2020, and this bearish trend can continue in future.
4 Important Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin is hitting an all-time high and almost 300% from its lows. The market for internet currency is running in the bullish mode. Blockchain supporting cryptocurrency was invented in early 2009. Since then the cryptos have grown significantly. The bitcoin is highly volatile in nature, so it might be slightly risky and confusing whether to trade or not.

The article below will give you reasons why investing in bitcoin is good.

Bitcoin Adoption is Increasing Rapidly

Global adoption of bitcoin is increasing rapidly. Such as the worldwide figure of users of the famous blockchain wallet has risen sharply throughout 2020. As per the company’s data, there is an increase in wallets number from 43 million to more than 58 million in recent twelve months. However, the figures are just a part. The retail investors overtook the number of users holding Bitcoin in their wallet.

If this bull run in the Bitcoin market continues to accelerate, there are many on-ramps for institutional and retail buyers to chase that momentum. There will be an explosive price trend if demand keeps on growing.

Bitcoins Valuation is ideal to the Macro Climate.

Bitcoin was invented out of the financial crises of 2009. Bitcoin was deployed in the market against the backdrop of the government bailouts, bank failures and measurable easing, where it was disregarded by everyone excepting some of the small group of visionaries. 

Almost the decade later, we are facing the new financial crisis with low-interest rates, more bailouts and increased measurable easing. But this time there much more awareness in the market from both companies and retail investors to the Bitcoins valuations and where can bitcoin sit in this macroclimate. In the early phase of this year, a macro investor Paul Jones stated that Bitcoin in 2020 reminds the role of gold played in 1970. 

Bitcoin will perform well because of the quantitative easing has been adopted by the central banks. The difference between expanding money supply and central bank quantitative easing is stark against the measurable tightening of the Bitcoins third bisect.

Currency printing has found its method into the assets values- means bonds, stocks, etc. have all been thrust up to unparalleled levels. A bit reallocation of even 1% from another assets class to Bitcoin would reflect the capital inflows more massive than Bitcoins present market cap

Wall Street Crypto-Going

Bitcoin is on the path of becoming the best-performing assets of 2020. Bitcoins strong performance pushed wall street analysts, companies and investors to take it seriously.

MicroStrategy business analytics organisation announced in August 2020 that they had invested about $250 million in Bitcoin. The CEO of the company said that they believe that Bitcoin is the most adopted cryptocurrency globally and is the most attractive investment option. It has more potential in the long term compared to holding cash. This firm has considered Bitcoin as the legit asset which can become superior to any currency in the days to follow. 

Following MicroStrategy, payment platform square announced its investment $50 million in Bitcoin. Square said about this investment that Bitcoin has much more potential to be most omnipresent money in the future and can be an instrument for economic empowerment which can offer the way to the entire world to be part of the global monetary system. 

Bitcoin overshadows its all-time highs after price bust.

Everyone has this question “should they buy bitcoin?” If they look back, historical price data won’t disappoint them. Bitcoin has seen so many troughs and peaks in the recent ten years and outlined “dead” more than 380 times in major media. Despite the fact that it has always over crossed its most all-time highs, there is no reason for thinking that same thing will not occur again in future.

According to historical price data, bitcoin is assured to outshine its latest all-time high again. In any condition, stock to flow pattern holds next to the point. There is adequate interest in Bitcoin to support a slow and steady value gain. While all these increasing government debt levels and quantitative easing will also put to the assets value inflation, and money debasement. Besides gold already going through interruptions is giving Bitcoin a might to manifest the supreme hedge.

Final Thoughts

The Bitcoin Era is here, and if you still on the fence know that – investing in Bitcoin can be good. The reasons presented above are testimony to the fact. Fitzpatrick who involved the Bitcoin chart and utilized the technical analysis of prior lows and highs to predict the target price of Bitcoin as $318,000 by the end of 2021 has said that the whole bitcoins existence has been identified by the significant value swings, precisely the type of thing that holds the long term trend.  He also said, a disassociate of gold from fiat money, the Covid-19 pandemic and the inclination of central banks to follow aggressive quantitative easing policies would lead to Bitcoins price growth in future.

David G. Hasselbaink

David G. Hasselbaink

Berlin-based Blockchain and Crypto Writer


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