Advanced Strategies to Earn in Bitcoin Trading

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Bitcoin trading strategies can be profitable if executed correctly. If you choose the suitable trading platform, you can earn good profit in Bitcoin.
Advanced Strategies to Earn in Bitcoin Trading

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A Bitcoin trading strategy allows traders to perform specific tasks with better technical analysis. The strategies are always essential, but while trading in bitcoin they play a vital role as in the cryptocurrency market lots of uncertainty is involved. Every trader thinks that trading in crypto is straightforward, where they fail. No doubt traders can earn good profit in crypto trading, but they have to apply and execute the appropriate strategies. In this article, we are stating some of the advanced techniques that can help traders to become successful in crypto trading.

Advanced Crypto Trading Strategies

Bitcoin Era

Day Trading Strategy in Bitcoin

Day trading strategy involves buying and selling Bitcoins on the same working day. Traders can earn good profits if they appropriately execute this strategy. Day trading in cryptocurrency is increasing immensely due to the high volatility nature of the crypto market. Day traders take advantage of the small price fluctuations. It’s not necessary to trade daily in crypto day trading. It is advisable to trade when all the conditions are favorable and on those days when the volume is high.


4 tips for day trading:

Swing Trading in Bitcoin

Swing trading involves buying and selling crypto when there is a certain level of movement in the charts. Market practitioners try to take the short-medium term gain in the crypto market. This technique is appropriate for those who don’t want or have much time to spend on monitoring their transactions. Traders always try to open positions that last from several days up to a couple of months to gain profit from predicted price movement. Market players can make a profit using a confirmed risk/reward ratio based on profit target and stop-loss, or based on the technical indicators. Swing trading is considered the most favorite type of active trading.

3 tips for swing trading:

Scalp Trading in Bitcoin

Scalp trading involves a group of small trades between the working hours of the trading day. Scalp trading has lower risk and short term trade and makes smaller profits regularly. Small profits from these trades can be much considerable. This method requires a strict exit technique. Because one colossal loss can ruin all the profit that gains throughout the day with the small trades, to avoid this, traders should have correct tools like live feed, direct access platform, and the dedication to place hundreds of trades.  This method is based on the prediction of the price moves of the Bitcoin. With the help of news or technical analysis, traders can find small price movements to make trades with scalping methods.


4 tips for scalp trading:

Algorithmic Trading in Bitcoin

Algorithmic trading consists of the computer programs or codes which are predetermined and set by the traders. Traders can select the codes based on different concepts like quantity, pricing, or other mathematical analysis. This strategy helps traders to earn more profits as there are no human emotions involved.


Algo trading uses complex formulas, combined with human insight and mathematical models, to take the decision of buying and selling Bitcoins on the exchange. Market players often use High-Frequency Trading technology, which allows them to execute thousands of trades in a single second. This strategy can be utilized in a wide range of conditions including arbitrage, trend trading, and order execution.


The big traders and brokerage houses mostly use Algo trading. Generally, market players use this method to create liquidity in the market. The execution speed of this method is beneficial.


Important Tips for trading Bitcoin:


Bitcoin trading strategies can help traders to earn good profits but to execute these strategies with appropriate means; they should have a better knowledge of all these strategies and market analysis. To understand these strategies platforms can guide them properly, choosing the right trading platform will allow traders to become successful in the crypto market. 


David G. Hasselbaink

David G. Hasselbaink

Berlin-based Blockchain and Crypto Writer


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