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The Team Behind Bitcoin Era Success

Bitcoin Era Trading System

Niklas Svendsen

CEO of Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Trading System

Ivan Oliveira Neto

Regional Marketing Officer
Bitcoin Era Trading System

Joachim Jønsson

Head of Research
Bitcoin Era Trading System

Kiarra Johns

Chief Data Administrator
Bitcoin Era Trading System

Martin Bérubé

Regional Brand Technician
Bitcoin Era Trading System

Eliza Kassulke

Senior Tactics Consultant

As the cliche goes, that a captain is as good as the team holds true in the case. We have a team of dedicated people who work day and night to make it possible for traders and investors to put their faith in the whole bitcoin trading system. The team is equipped with talented investment bankers, who have made it possible for us to reach this height. They have amalgamated human acumen with technology like computation, which is yielding desired results for plenty of people around the globe. 

Besides, computer mathematicians and their command over statistics and other accountancy related works have set a benchmark for the rest of the employees to follow. The dream that we set while drawing on board the initial recruitment seems to be getting fulfilled.  

People working with us are not merely professionals, but they have institutionalised the entire methodology of working in the bitcoin market. 

We have several tools in the market, which are already excelling and claiming great attraction. BITCOIN ERA is our way to thank the world with our service. 


Our Aim


It is our aim to provide the world with technology that is far beyond the realm of thoughts while trading bitcoins from any corner of the planet. Also, we want everyone to get benefitted every time our clients get on board for transacting.

What makes BITCOIN ERA so Profitable and Unique?

Bitcoin Era is the tool for you if you are looking for a hands-free way to make money online. This robot aims to help ordinary people like you join the millionaire lifestyle through BTC CFDs trading. Here are the key features of the BITCOIN ERA app.

The signup and trading process should be a piece of cake if you have read our comprehensive trading guide and watched the video tutorials. Follow the steps below to get started.

Free demo account

The demo account imitates the real market and packs similar features of a live trading account. It aims to teach you to face all market conditions. BITCOIN ERA is largely an automatic platform, however, somewhere are left to the discretion of a trader to fix and adjust them as per needs.

Highly profitable trading platform

We take pride in being among the top trading platforms in the financial market which guarantees a massive profit, which goes up to x times than the actual investment provided the conditions are favourable. 

Safe and Secure

The platform employs RSA encryption to ensure that your data is safe. This is the highest standard of encryption. Moreover, we have a cyber-response team on standby to address any potential threats.

Highly regulated partner brokers

The brand has an association with regulated brokers, which get regulated by the reputed agencies like CySEC, FCA, FSB, ASIC and other bodies. They have strict and stern monitoring policies in umpteen countries. 

Customer service

It is supportive and facilitates for every problem that you may encounter—select options like calling, email, correspondence, live chat feature and others for the query resolution. Also, the platform is open to any feedback and work on it effectively.

Zero license fees

We charge no fee for licensing with our clients, that makes us a license-free bot. However, depending on profits, some commission may get charged on our platform.

Open 24 Hours a Day

Our prerogative is to work relentlessly and endlessly for providing quality service to our clientele base. Thus, our system works for twenty-fours a day. We trade all bitcoin markets globally. So, the profit booking continues when you are in deep slumber.

A wide variety of tradable pairs

We offer over 45 BTC CFDs pairs. These include highly volatile pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.We offer over 45 BTC CFDs pairs. These include highly volatile pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.

The History of BITCOIN ERA

In the times of uncertainty of economies,
BITCOIN ERA is the helping hand which is drawing people closer to the innovative ways of transactions. Here’s the time when people are trying to grow beyond the cash and finding ways to replace it. When shopping and tradings are going online, the archaic ways of paying through the cash payment or other similar ways must cease to exist. The old techniques do not seem to fit the requirement of modern times. Also, ahead lies the bot and artificial intelligence technology that is faster, reliable and most importantly secured in the era of heightened hackers. Thus, BITCOIN ERA is the unquestionably the stage for every investor. Bitcoin is the oldest and the most advanced form of cryptocurrency, which has volumes and faith of traders bestowed in it. Taking the thought into mind, BITCOIN ERA developed a place where people can showcase their might and proficient skills in trading into the ever-growing market. 

Interestingly, on November 30, 2020, Bitcoin touched an all-time high of $19,860, toppling the position it inquired about in December 2017. That goes to show the potential and magnificence that the digital currency is in today’s time. The need for moving from regular currencies to a digital one is also gaining momentum after the global pandemic that has left the world dilapidated. With the alternative so strong and innumerable benefits, it is advisable to turn into a bitcoin trader under the aegis of BITCOIN ERA. We are committed to excel and help you explore new dimensions of bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator had an objective to provide the world with a decentralised asset or currency that is transparent and has no control of any government. Hence, it makes the internet currency safe from figurative or direct manipulations.


The company had a humble beginning with a few clients on board initially, but it is now bludgeoning into a giant one with access to the enormous market. Traders are bargaining and drawing deals of their wishes with the help of bots deployed by us. We have learned a lot during the course of time and sought suggestions from our customers.

We are paying heed to their feedback and making changes accordingly, and what deem fit. Today, there are traders who have managed to earn in millions, and the credit goes to their understanding and our trade pundits. Also, the automated transaction technology and AI-enabled algorithm bot system provide tips and time to invest.

With each trading, the bot is fine-tuning itself. The process is getting the accuracy rate close to 99-100 per cent in terms of prediction. People frame their strategies around it and make huge profits. It tells them when the market may grow or slow down. When the volumes are higher, and the tipping point comes, it is the time to exit the position and when it slips down, hedging the best option on cards.


Open to all 

Our robot capacitated stage or platform is open to every type of trader or investor hailing from any country. We are committed to serving everyone, irrespective of their nationality or gender and without discrimination.
Our organisation takes pride in living up to the expectations of every person gets hooked with us for the purpose of trading bitcoin. Also, we try to help them even during the dire time when others usually back out.


Get started with demo

For making life simpler for the novice traders who have some jitters and hiccups trading in the financial market, we offer a demo account with similar options and environment that of real-time trading. It assists them feeling at hope and learn tricks, tips, techniques and methods of applying strategies through an array of tools available with us.

Bitcoin has large volumes; hence, trading on it may get complicated sometimes. But worry not, the demo account finds a way to resolve the legitimate issue and eases you with what coming next.

Read the guide

BITCOIN ERA also provides a learner guide which can help you know the way we trade and the market may offer choices. You can apply the guidance by the guide and see how wonderfully they work in your favour. We have collected some of the most nuanced anecdotes on the experience of our veteran clients, experienced traders and trade pundits. It can help you cast away the fear of first time trading with bitcoins. 

The language written in the guide is conducive to everyone, to the extent that even a non-specialist can understand it easily and begin the trading instantly. So, crypto traders can fasten their belt and relax when they are with BITCOIN ERA. 

Machine learning and AI

Technology is largely a pivotal part of life, like bread and water. It confirms stability and conforms with the standard of what is required to sustain in the competitive market. Machine learning and algorithmic AI are powering our and clients’ dreams to the horizon by assisting us with reading the quantitative and qualitative data available in the market for analysing. 

Here, the winning rate is close to almost 100 per cent compared to the best human trader on an average which goes as high as forty-eight per cent. Thus, the capacity of the machine is perfect and more than double what a human can deliver through intelligence. Perhaps, it tells about BITCOIN ERA that we have ticked almost all criteria to be the market leader in the category. 

The technique has the scientific knowledge of eclipsing; even those are the best in the market.