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BITCOINERA Signup Process

With these 5 easy steps, you will be able to open your FREE BITCOIN ERA account!

Apply for account

To open a trading account with us get yourself registered through the form provided at the top of this page. The entire process is easy. We ensure the security of your data. Our top safeguard protections and encryptions keep your trading details, account, and transactions safe.

Upload Documnets

We require you to verify your documents and the information provided by you is authentic. in order to prevent and fraudulent activity we do our best to vet any new account within 24 hours.

Consult your private Manager

talk to your private account manager for the first time! he or she will help you set up your basic trading strategy based on your financial limits and goals for the future. this will surely help you optimize your entire bitcoin trading process with BITCOIN ERA

first Deposit - 250$

After the signup process, you will be redirected to our broker’s page to deposit the charges for the account. Regulated and top financial service providers monitor our entire financial process and transaction. You are just a few dollars away from trading. Deposit the amount and start trading.

Start earning bitcoin

We offer a renowned trading platform, tools, and indicators to ease your trading journey. Our trading application works for you, even if you are busy. The real-time price shift reaches the mobile or desktop through frequent notifications. Get started with our trading indicator.

BITCOINERA Login Process


 It is the most effortless process you can come across on any platform. Even people not similar to any trading can get an account on BITCOIN ERA. Fill up the registration form details like name, address, email id, and phone number. These will help us for reaching out conveniently whenever the need arises. Also, if an offer arrives, we will inform you through messages or calling.

Also, we request our clients to adopt a secure identification process by the multi-factor authentication method. During the registration, you are requested to use your primary email id and phone number. Fetching the daily market updates would become easy through our messages. You will know when to buy or sell bitcoins on your registered email id.

Moreover, if you lose your password, then there is no requirement to worry about. You can always dial the number of our customer care or get in touch through other means like live-chat and speak with them for getting a renewed passcode. The process is, however, highly secured to obtaining it again. We have applied the most robust form of encryption method in place. The protocol incapacitates what’s better for a client and averts the perils caused by any potential cyberattack. For patching loopholes, we have a separate team addressing it.


Our platform is all ears for the complaint or problem registered by our esteemed clients 24 hours a day until a week. The features of contact range from email id, to live chat sessions and phone number. For urgent communication, the usage of the live-chat option is requested by us. The email may take a longer time than anticipation.

The customer service hops on the pedestal of excellence and hard work. It ensures to offer the best resolution to all your queries. The agents are talented, skillful, learned, and trained. They receive training on regular intervals from experts in the field for enhancing their ability of hospitality and problem redressal.

BITCOIN ERA Registration

bitcoin era login

How to Join

At the current times, we are a licence free Robo broker but this may not be the case for the times ahead. Most Robo brokers are required to deposit a licence fee which can go up to 10,000 dollars in a year. So this is a perfect golden chance for traders and investors to take advantage of our licence free account. 

There are no other special necessities that you have to fulfil to trade with us. We offer a fully automated Robo trading system which will make it effortless and easiest to trade with us. Therefore, you do not need to manually trade but just sit and watch how your investments gain returns. You do not need any particular skills to facilitate bitcoin trade with us. To register, visit our homepage.

bitcoin era login


Account verification

For verification of the account, we comply with strict and stern regulations and therefore we need accurate details to complete this fair process.  First, you will need to verify your contact details like phone number and email address. Then you would need to verify your ID proof and address proof with one of our regulated brokers. 

We handle all the data given buy uses with utter confidentiality. Your data is safe and encrypted with BITCOIN ERA. The only third party that can have access to your data is our regulated brokers.