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Best Traders On BITCOIN ERA

Steven Longbottom – Building a Crypto Empire

Not many people lose hope when they are left with fewer amounts of deposits. Some take courage and invest it with the guidelines of the Bitcoin Era and become the king of Bitcoin. Becoming a millionaire may be easy, but ruling the chart like an aristocrat is different. 


Born in a poor household, Steven Longbottom would have never had thought of earning so much money in financial trading. He got introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins by his friend in the year 2014. That was all coincidental like you can say, the fortune was offering him the favor to become a rich person in quick time.


Steven didn’t have any job, but a few bucks which he gathered from his parents and doing some part-time work. Taking a leap of faith, he purchased some bitcoins. He held them for a while, speculating the potential. In 2016, the profit started coming in huge numbers, but it was 2017 when the market of bitcoins touched an all-time high. Voila, Longbottom became Mr. Longbottom or “The Longbottom”. In 2020, he got to know about Bitcoin Era, he invested with them, and things rose for him exponentially. Today, he owns five villas, eight luxury cars, and three factories. 


Longbottom is living a life that only a few can imagine. “It is all about being significant to your dreams, monitoring, and following your gut. And of course, be patient, success is a few steps away”, said Steven. 

Hughie Campbell – Selling All Worldly Belongings

It takes a specific kind of fortitude and blind trust to sell entire you have and use the cash to put in in a volatile cryptocurrency. However, purpose and blind faith are sometimes exactly what you need to have to become a tycoon.


When he was in his twenty’s, Hughie Campbell was salaried at a tech company, investing as much of his remuneration into the cryptocurrency market as he could. Because his income wasn’t adequate for him, he also decided to vend entire things from his headphones to his laptops and put the cash into Bitcoin and other cryptos.


That tactic has rotated out to be visionary because Hughie turned his capital into a seven-figure, courtesy of the incredible Bitcoin Era. After observing his net worth expand up, he left his job and now explores the globe as a startup advisor and angel investor.


“I think about no fact in history have people in their twenty’s had such a chance to trade in such high-growth resources,” Hughie told Industry Insider. “It’s like a revolution to old-fashioned investment. You don’t need central banks to send cash—you have these great bits of tech send cash for you through cryptography. So, cheaper, more secure, and it’s faster.”


With Bitcoin Era, you can open the account and start your Bitcoin investing journey and make profits in seven-figure. It helps beginners too understand the dynamics of the crypto market correctly and allows you to invest wisely.

Mr Kristoffer Koch and his luck with bitcoins

The story of Mr. Kristoffer Koch would put the massive returns of Bitcoin over the years into perspective. The first digital coin was trading below $1000 a long time ago, but Kristoffer bought around 5000 BTCs for just $26.


In 2009, Koch was writing the thesis for his master’s at the University of Norway on encryption technology. While doing the analysis and research on the topic, he came across this never heard, Bitcoin currency, and spent a meager $26 to get the first-hand experience for his thesis.


Further, he moved on and forgot about the expenditure. However, in 2013, when the media and news channels started discussing BTC, he remembered his investment but not the passwords.


After some initial struggle, he got the magic spell and immediately exchanged 1/5th of his investments for $886,000.

He bought a lavish property in Norway and still has 4000 coins with him, waiting for the right opportunity. It seems like we all missed a great opportunity, but the case is not real with Bitcoin ERA. The platform can prove to be a game-changer in the crypto world, and the early birds are sure to get a huge advantage.

Charlie Matthew - Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

Charlie was 15 years old when his grandmother died. What she left for him was a generous amount of $2000. Most of his friends asked him to buy a phone, some told him he should go for a new gaming console, but Charlie was more interested in bitcoin. He decided to do what his heart said and invested in bitcoin.


 Just two years later in 2020, the prices of bitcoin went $2200. That’s when Charlie decided to sell the bitcoins. He used his profits earned to launch an online education company called BitcoinEra. This was a web venture that provided video tutoring services. 


It wasn’t long before Bitcoin Era caught the attention of investors. Charlie was offered a deal. Either he could sell the company for $200,000, or he could receive 350 bitcoins. Charlie, once again, decided to go with what his heart said and agreed to the bitcoin part of the deal. Since he was so sure of himself, he made a bet with his parents. He said that if he was a millionaire by the age of 19, they wouldn’t force him to go to college. 


In an interview with CNBC, Charlie said that “I think I have made it one thing is for sure, I am not going to college”. He also said that “I do not recommend the current education system because of the way it is structured, right now.” He said that “the internet can help so much more than the education system, plus it is free”. YouTube and Wikipedia hold so much more data than any of the books out there.


Live it like Clark: A success story of a millionaire

Mr. Clark is an unknown personality, and that makes the Bitcoin success story much more interesting. The personality made his investment portfolio worth $25 million and was also interviewed by Forbes. Clark used the money to travel the globe, including Miami, New York, Monaco, Singapore, and Moscow, obviously in the first-class flight ticket and five-star hotels. 


In 2010, Clark invested around $3000 when he was working in a tech firm at Silicon Valley. A single unit of BTC was worth $0.15, and he got more than 20,000 of them. He knew it was a long term game since its inception and thus, held it for around three years until he noticed it to hit $350, and then $800 just a few days later. He sold them and took $2.3 Million in cash, quit his job, and changed his life. However, it is still not late with BITCOIN ERA, which is the latest advancement in BTC trading. 

Willing to Become the Next Mr Clark?

We expect that the five motivating Bitcoin success stories stated in this article have disclosed to you that anyone can become the next Mr. Clark. Recently, the price of Bitcoin has almost doubled in just seven days, and it’s assured that several fantastic investment opportunities are yet to come.


It totally depends on you to be ready to capture the opportunities of the volatile and most amazing crypto market. While with Bitcoin Era, you can see your capital growth and making good profits.